The BEST in the west!


From the Company that invented every major improvement in its industry since 1972

AVANTI™ The World’s First Torque/Tension Machine™

The AVANTI torque/tension compatible bolting machines streamlines and simplifies your bolting requirements by providing coverage for both your torque and tension applications with the same system! The major reason for hydraulic torque tool failure is internal tool torsion. It results from attaching the reaction arm distant from the drive. HYTORC connects its arm to the drive portion.

  • Internal torsion is eliminated.
  • The arm will not fly out.
  • The patented co-axial action and reaction provides torque/tension compatibility.

This Regular Clearance tool is durable, light, fast, safe and precise!

The HYTORC Avanti is Universal, Lighter, Faster, Safer. Torque/Tension compatible. Backup wrench & Reaction arm-free. 360° adjustable around the bolt. The most Precise Tool in the Industry!

The stationary tool stops the inner sleeve of the Clamp or the HYTORC DISC from turning when the nut is being turned at a known bearing face friction. The stationary bolt is elongated throughout its free length, laterally.

AVANTI™ Features


  • Reaction Arm and Backup Wrench-free
  • Hands-free operation, even inverted
  • Less crowded sites


  • CALIBRATED TORQUE Accuracy + 3%
  • CALIBRATED TENSION Bolt Load Precision: + 5%
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • ASSEMBLY minimum twice as fast as prior methods
  • ASSEMBLY measurement-free bolt load Precision
  • LOOSENING FASTER than Induction Heating
  • INSTALLATION Supervision of crew or contractors